【Very cheap & very tasty】TakoYaki restaurant popular in Osaka


「美味しいフードや綺麗な景色は沢山の人にシェアしたい!」がブログのテーマです。ここ5年間の移動距離が約175000キロ 約地球4周分!そんな私は食べる事と写真が大好きで、大阪と和歌山で食べ歩き撮影を続けています。私のブログがたくさんの人の感動や笑顔に繋がれば嬉しいです。40代サラリーマンブロガー 【Konnichiwa! My name is Nagamasa. I live in Osaka, Japan. I want to spread all about Osaka and Wakayama-prefecture through the world. Please come to Osaka and Wakayama-prefecture, all our culter: wonderful people, delicious food and beautiful scenery are waiting for you. I am pleased if this blog can be useful. I hope that your trip in Japan will be a amazing experience for you. Thank you!】

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We will introduce the delicious TakoYaki!

Here is the informatin of a Takoyaki shop named Naochika in Osaka!
TakoYaki is a Japanese savory snack in the shape of round balls containing pieces of octopus.
Cheap and delicious!

なおちか なおちか なおちかの店内

Delicious Takoyaki!

You can chose the sauce from even 7 diffrent flavors.


① Original sauce
② Original sauce + mayo
③ Original sauce + mayo + wasabi
④ Ponzu + soy sauce
⑤ Ponzu + soy sauce + mayo
⑥ Ponzu + soy sauce + mayo + wasabi
⑦ Salt

※Ponzu is citrus juice.

8 pieces · About 2 dollars
12 pieces · About 3 dollars
14 pieces · About 4 dollars
20 pieces · About 5 dollars

My recommendation is salt or soy sauce wasabi mayonnaise!
8 pieces … about 2 dollars! It is really cheap, isn’t it?

How to order Takoyaki?!
Just choose the sauce and how many pieces you want!

There are many other choices other than Takoyaki.

Other menu


Okonomiyaki is savory Japanese-style of pancake containing a variety of ingredients.
This is also delicious!

Fried rice! (Yakimeshi)
The dish looks like a roof tile in Japan.
Caution! It is very hot!

Store information

The shop is between Kansai International Airport and Osaka city.
You can walk from JR Hanwa line kitashinoda station.
Please come and enjoy the delicious Tokoyaki!
Store name Naochika (なおちか)
Street address Tai-cho 23-3 Izumi-shi Osaka
Business hours AM11:00~AM1:00
Regular holiday Wednesday